Vastu FAQs

  1. Is a household’s peace and well-being connected with its vastu?
  • Houses that are constructed to enable a seamless coordination between nature’s five elements: earth, air, water, fire, and space are more likely to attract calm. Vastu, an ancient Indian discipline, guarantees this by establishing precise guidelines. Because healthy living has a lot to do with having a healthy life and a developing career, a house that has easy access to all natural components is more likely to support an overall healthy and profitable life cycle.
  1. How does the shape of a plot impact a home’s environment according to vastu?
  • Vastu places a strong focus on forms and proportions in building design. While certain forms are deemed ideal for living reasons, some are not. The foundation of this is also founded on the reasoning that a home should be formed and oriented toward the natural elements in such a manner that it receives the best of everything while avoiding excessive exposure that would be harmful to human life in any way.
  • Square or rectangular sites are excellent for homes. Plots that are round, oval, triangular, or L-shaped should be avoided. Vastu advises avoiding flats or plots with cuts towards the corner.
  1. Does a person’s date of birth influence property purchase?
  • Vastu does not include such a regulation. It holds true only when read in accordance with the laws of astrology. This idea is also rooted in numerology.
  1. If a home is not built following vastu rules, will it have a negative impact during resale?
  • Buyers are becoming more aware of Vastu Shastra and its influence on their lives. As a result, builders are increasingly leveraging Vastu-compliance as a distinct selling feature for their housing developments. If you intend to sell your home, having a Vastu-compliant residence would undoubtedly assist.
  • What should be the location of water tanks/septic tanks in a house as per vastu?
  • Overhead water tanks are best placed in the north, west, and north-west directions. The overhead tank must not be positioned directly above the main entrance. A septic tank might be positioned in any direction except the west. It should not, however, be extended to the south or south-west.
  1. What should be a house’s floor plan according to vastu?
  • Vastu considers north-facing homes to have the best floor plan.
  1. What are the remedies if a house has vastu doshas?
  • Vastu provides problem-specific solutions to minimise the impact of what are known as doshas (deficiencies). It is feasible to fix a specific weakness that your house may have from a Vastu standpoint by making modest modifications in your family.
  1. What is the significance of open spaces in vastu?
  • Open areas are strongly encouraged in Vastu to preserve harmony amongst the elements. It also suggests preserving the open regions to the north and east.
  1. Is it necessary to construct a house in accordance with the principles of vastu shastra? If one dosen;t follow them, can it cause problems?
  • Buyers sometimes do not have the option of checking and ensuring that a home is designed in a Vastu-friendly manner. At the same time, there are no clear evidence to suggest that living in a house that has not been designed in accordance with Vastu guidelines might be harmful.
  1. Are vastu compliant properties costlier?
  • Because Vastu-compliant homes need extensive planning, meticulous execution, and resources, they are generally significantly more expensive than comparable houses that are not built in line with Vastu principles.
  • Another reason why Vastu-compliant homes are more expensive is the growing demand for them. This ancient idea is now so popular that second-time purchasers frequently search for new homes in order to move into a home that satisfies Vastu criteria.
  • Rates for Vastu-compliant properties may be 4 percent to 10 percent more per square foot when compared to standard houses.

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